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Available Services

Songwriting Consultation

I will assist you with writing your next hit single. You will receive 1 hour of live consulting, discussing cadences, rhyme schemes, melodies, and methods of songwriting.

Mobile Engineering

I will bring my mobile studio equipment for a day (8hr). I will record, mix, and master your next hit singles.

Branding, Planning, and Progress Check Up

This will be a 30 minute call we will have once a month overviewing your social presence, strategy, and progress.

Remote Engineering

I will mix and master one of your hit singles. (must have access to stems)

Single Feature

I will provide a hook and(or) verse for your next hit single. (I will show up if shooting a video as well)

Exclusive Beat Production

I will produce an exclusive beat for your next hit single. You will own 100% of the masters.


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