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Frequently Asked Questions

Audio Purchases (Licenses):


What does my license cover?

Your license allows you to use the music in one project or video and covers all sync and dubbing rights. It doesn't cover performing rights, which are normally the responsibility of the hosting platform (e.g. YouTube) or broadcaster (e.g. a TV channel), and can be easily cleared directly with performing rights societies.

If you need a license that covers multiple projects or videos, please email

Do I have to report the music I use?

If your project is for TV or radio, you'll need to fill in a cue sheet so that the broadcaster can pay royalties to our artists and composers.

I’ve selected and paid for the wrong track, what do I do?

Get in touch - we'll need to see your email receipt so that we can send you the correct track.

How does TGMG licensing work?

To keep things simple, we license our music per project or video. Every license is valid globally and forever, and your project can be used across multiple platforms. 

Do I get all of the different versions of the track when I buy a license online?

All online licenses are for a single track for a single project. You only get the specific version that you choose to purchase.

What is a cue sheet?

A cue sheet is an industry-standard document that lets everyone know what music has been used in a specific TV show, film, production, or video.

What if I need to license music for more than a single use?

If you need to license music more regularly or need to license for a campaign or series, please contact our support team.

Are my purchases monetizable?

Every license you purchase from comes with the inherent right to monetize your creative projects. When you obtain a license for our music, you are granted permission to generate revenue from your work through platforms like YouTube, streaming services, social media, and other monetization avenues.

(For Musicians Only)

What does my license cover?

Your license allows you to distribute music purchased on DSPs (e.g. Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, etc.), social media, and streaming services at your own will for a single-use, granting monetization and perpetuity.

If you need a license that is exclusive, please email

How do I credit the composer?

Simple.  All music has the given composer of the track listed. (ie. [Prod. by NOIDEA])

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